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GlideWear fabric is a game-changer for children with rare skin disease
Minnesota-based Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. is launching a clothing line specifically designed for children with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a painful, rare disease where any amount of friction causes the skin to blister and slough off. Read More
ARKRAY USA launches new Oral Wellness System
ARKRAY USA, Inc., has launched the SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness System for use by dentists and other oral-health professionals to complement clinical assessment of their patients’ oral health. SiLL-Ha provides clinical measurements in three areas: tooth health, gum health and oral cleanliness.  Read More
Technology helps improve balance and walking speed
Eden Prairie–based medical-startup RxFunction Inc., a wearable technology company, is preparing for FDA registration and market launch — as well as another round of clinical trials — of its product, walkasins, the first wearable sensory prosthesis (WSP). Read More

Stella, the newly named parent company of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and its subsidiaries, and Aging 2.0 Minneapolis, named San Francisco-based startup Golden Financial Care the $25,000 winner of its first Aging Startup Challenge. Read More
Sara Criger, president of Allina’s Mercy Hospital, is a serial change agent. Her leadership has impacted a number of hospitals in the metro area, including Fairview Ridges Hospital, the University of Minnesota Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Read More
Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. For Paul Hines, it was actually his grandmother’s needs — specifically related to her difficulty in taking prescriptions — that spurred Hines’ idea for a smarter pillbox. Read More
Although it’s been two years since Patti Jensen was diagnosed, she clearly remembers the head-spinning panic she felt when her doctor told her she had cancer. As her treatment began, she couldn’t shake the fear that she was going to die. What helped her cope was a paintbrush and a blank canvas.  Read More
Michael Resnick is professor emeritus at the Department of Pediatrics at the U of M. He was also the Director of the Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center and Leadership Education in Adolescent Health Fellowship Program.
MNBIZ: What’s changed in adolescent health studies?
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Rebiotix, a Roseville-based biotechnology company, has taken a major step toward solidifying its place as a global leader in its field.
The five-year-old company focuses on harnessing the power of the human microbiome to treat diseases.
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