Open for business: Jaequan’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs

Open for business: Jaequan’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs

With the help of the city and NEON, 13-year-old hot dog seller is officially up to code

June 16, 2018 — In 2016, Jaequan Faulkner, who is now 13, started selling hot dogs in front of his Penn Avenue home. He’s always been popular with customers in the Willard-Hay neighborhood but there was one catch: his stand was not officially permitted. 

All businesses that serve food to the public must pass City health inspections to get permitted as a safeguard from food-borne illnesses, with violators subject to an immediate shutdown. Instead of forcing Jaequan to close, the Minneapolis Health Department and NEON (Northside Economic Opportunity Network) worked with Jaequan to get his hot dogs an official permit. 

Today will be the first day of permitted operation for Jaequan’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs. Rest assured, NEON staff and the City health inspectors will be among the first customers. 

In the future, Jaequan plans to take his food stand on the road to serve potential customers all over the North Side, including the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct, the Urban League and Sanctuary Covenant Church. 
Jaequan hopes to make enough this year to buy a food cart for the summer of 2019.