Interview with Troy Schmidtke, CEO of Design Ready Controls

Recent expansion strategically located to attract workers

By Steve LeBeau
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Design Ready Controls, a maker of electronic control panels, grew so fast in its Rockford home that it grew short of both space and workers. That’s why CEO Troy Schmidtke decided to build its new $10 million facility in Brooklyn Park. Not only are workers more plentiful, but it is near Hennepin Technical College, where the company has a partnership to help train new workers. The company starts its recruitment process with grade schoolers, and also hosts programs with high school students. Cyndy Brucato of Greater MSP Business recently talked with Design Ready Control’s CEO, Troy Schmidtke, who talked about the need for skilled workers and engineers.

Watch Greater MSP's video here, and find out about Schmidtke’s strategy to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.