Joyce Brenny

By Dana Johnson

In August, Joyce Brenny became the first female "trucker" to become chair of the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA) board of directors. Brenny is owner of Brenny Transportation, a third-party logistics company, and Brenny Specialized, a for-hire trucking company.

Q:What is it like to step into a leadership role in a male-dominated industry? » Joyce Brenny: At times it can be intimidating. However, I am quite comfortable around men, as my world has been male-dominated all of my life. _ I forget that I am not just one of the guys. The Minnesota Trucking Association has always been very accommodating.

Q:What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your career?
» JB: The continued regulations placed on business and trucking. In 2011, the federal government proposed 47 new regulations that could affect trucking. I am always challenged-but I love it- by the people side of business.

Q:To what do you attribute to your career success?
» JB: I put people before profits-which in turn gives me amazing people who bring the profits into my company. _ And for God's sake, be humble! Arrogance is the death of success.