Made in Minnesota: All amped up

New Vintage Amplifiers in Duluth uses old-school manufacturing to produce quality sounds

By Ali Lacey

Duluth is home to New Vintage Amplifiers, a maker of made-to-order amps gaining fans among artists and producers with an appreciation for old-school techniques, high-quality tone, and vintage appeal.

Nic Patullo, founder and sole full-time employee, estimates that this year he'll sell around a hundred of his one-of-a-kind "heirloom amps," which have been used by the bands Blink-182, OneRepublic, and Metro Station, among others.

Patullo founded the company in 2008 and expects revenue of about $150,000 this year. Now, he's gearing up to release a new model called the MK36, priced at $2,130.

"The Bright and Normal channels are connected internally and can be blended together or used separately, allowing for three separate voices from the preamp," says Patullo. In guitarist-speak, that's all good.

Completed at the end of May, the MK36 has already been used by Little River Band guitarist Rich Herring and Kenny Greenburg, named the 2012 Guitarist of the Year by the Academy of Country Music. Find the amps at