Made in Minnesota: A slow burn

Summer is fleeting, but that’s easily forgotten with a OneLogFire

By Emily Gasperlin
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

While sitting around a messy campfire is a great way to spend a summer evening, sometimes we could do without the messy bit. OneLogFire, a family business based in Minneapolis, creates individual kiln-dried logs that light easily, have a handle for portability, and burn from the inside for up to two hours.
Founder Bill Bies began toying around with the concept in 2009. About a year and a half later he came up with the way his company currently uses to make the logs in its Minneapolis workshop. “The concept of burning wood vertically rather than laying in a pile actually dates back to around the 1600s, because it burns more efficiently,” he notes.
Using the company’s logs is also more sustainable than making a traditional campfire. All of the wood comes from red pines in northern Minnesota, which are fast-growing trees. Plus, using OneLogFire simply burns less wood.
The company also sells products that complement OneLogFire, including a tabletop fire pit, a fire pit stand (good for the patio), and roasting sticks for s’mores. The company makes no guarantees the s’mores won’t still be messy.