Made in Minnesota: Touch friendly

Why J.W. Hulme Company complements Apple Inc. nicely

For all its sleekness, the iPad isn't much to touch. Whatever digital delights it might bring forth, holding it in one's hands delivers little sensory pleasure. Perhaps that helps to explain the success that J.W. Hulme Company has had in selling high-end iPad covers. The Smart Cover Sleeve (pictured) is made of gently distressed Saddle Heritage tan leather and hand-buffed to give it the patina of an heirloom piece, sells for $295 and ranks among the luxury goods maker's Top 10 best-selling products.

"It is my personal favorite and goes everywhere with me," says Jen Guarino, the company's CEO. "I love that it pulls double duty as an iPad case and notebook, with a place for business cards, a pen, and notepad."

What we love about it: Each case is carefully handcrafted by highly skilled artisans working in Minnesota. J.W. Hulme Company has been headquartered in this state for more than a century.

While iPad versions from Apple will surely come and go, products from J.W. Hulme are guaranteed for a lifetime.