A new approach for boosting innovation in business is gaining its U.S. foothold in Minnesota.
This week, ThinkergyUS is training its first nine American consultants in Minnetonka. The independent innovation trainers will roll out the Thinkergy method to businesses that seek to use creativity for a competitive advantage.
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Dennis Stauffer

What's the quality that’s always at or near the top of the list when businesses and investors are asked what they seek in employees or startups? The ability to be innovative.
Now a Plymouth researcher has created an index to identify and evaluate that prized personal commodity, with a measurement test that can be administered in a matter of 20 minutes.
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JenTra Tool's Cheetah door leveling tool. Photo courtesy of JenTra

Elsewhere in this issue, we highlight a small-town entrepreneur’s clever invention for more easily installing doors, and the patented product and startup that resulted from it. Where can you meet such inventors? Read More

According to the organizers of the Innovation Master Class, it’s no longer enough to be innovative — now, you must develop innovative approaches to innovation itself. Read More