Photo courtesy of the Smile Network International.

Alpaca mittens woven by a collective of indigenous women in Peru. Shawls edged with dramatic ostrich feathers created by Zulu tribeswomen in South Africa. Handsome weekender bags constructed of leather and cowhide by a family in Ecuador. Read More
The hum of a lawnmower and the smell of freshly-cut grass. These familiar summertime sensations are more than the pleasant benefits of working in the yard. They are the basis of a new business started by a nonprofit based in north Minneapolis. Read More
Three years ago, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change was barely on the Minnesota nonprofit world’s radar. Read More

With the state’s unemployment rate holding at a low 3.7%, Minnesota’s career-conscious workers are thinking more about getting promoted.
Looking the part continues to be a critical factor for advancement. So does knowing how to act and react in the workplace — and it’s true on every rung of the career ladder.
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Todd Klingel

“If you’re the president of the Chamber of Commerce and you don’t attend two or three meetings a day, you’re not doing your job,” says Todd Klingel, the longtime CEO and president of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce. Read More
Friends of Ngong Road, a locally-based nonprofit that is educating hundreds of AIDS orphans in Kenya, is taking its next step. The charity is developing a business to provide its graduates with jobs. Read More

Stephanie Shimp, co-owner of Blue Plate.

If you have a power lunch or post-meeting beers at any of the eight Blue Plate eateries between Nov. 1-12, you will be asked to toss in a few dollars to help homeless families in Minnesota. Read More
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently awarded North Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization Appetite for Change with a federal grant of $374,000. Read More
A network of over 60 Twin Cities-based investors is working to help farmers in India move out of poverty. Read More