As many as 500,000 Minnesotans will catch a tax break this year thanks to the $508 million relief package passed by the House and Senate on March 21. Read More

Image via rpeteg on Flickr

On Feb. 25, Minnesota legislators gathered for their first week back in session. The state’s $1.28 billion budget surplus, which was part of the budget forecast, was top of mind. News outlets reported that the surplus was yet another sign of the state’s strong economic recovery. But most Republicans said the dollars should go back to the taxpayers. Read More
As of July 1, Minnesota requires major online sites like Amazon to collect the state's 6.875 percent sales tax. The tax isn't new, just newly enforced. Technically, shoppers were supposed to report and pay the sales tax on their own for online purchases, but who does that sort of thing? Now, online shoppers won't have a choice. Read More