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Making a (Digital) Difference

How digital marketing agency Rocket55 helped Casa de Corazón stand out in the marketplace and reach more families.



After 13 years in business, Spanish immersion and early learning center Casa de Corazón knew it was time for a change — of the digital sorts, that is. Two years ago, Casa de Corazón Founder and CEO Natalie Standridge approached digital marketing agency Rocket55 for help in refreshing the Casa de Corazón brand—namely, the website. 

“With the existing website, we weren’t bringing in new leads, there weren’t multiple calls to action, and nobody was tracking conversions,” Standridge explains.

What started as a simple rebranding effort turned into a long-term relationship. Since refreshing the website in 2015, Rocket55 has helped Casa de Corazón build a strong online presence—from its website to its social media channels—with much success.

Founded in 2008, Rocket55 has exclusively focused on digital marketing from day one. “I started Rocket55 with a simple vision: The belief that the industry needed more companies who were ethical, driven, and committed to bringing innovation to digital marketing,” CEO Steven Ayres explains.

Headquarters: Minneapolis
Inception: 2008
Leadership: Steven Ayres, CEO
Revenue: $5 million
Description: Digital marketing agency specializing in website design and development, SEO, social media, SEM and public relations.

With that in mind, the Rocket55 team uses a blend of business acumen and smart digital strategies to develop solutions that help organizations grow, including website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, social media, video advertising, and public relations. 

“We see all of these things as a way of connecting people,” Partner and Chief Marketing Officer Caitlin Tvrdik says. 

From rebrand to results 

And that’s exactly what the agency did for Casa de Corazón. Rocket55 not only built a new website, but it also did extensive market research and used those insights to optimize the Casa de Corazón website. Once the website was live, it rose thousands of positions in search rankings. 
“It was at the top of the search results page (SERP) for all of the relevant searches,” Tvrdik adds. “[Casa de Corazón] received lots of new business through our digital marketing efforts.” So much so, that its newest location in Maple Grove saw a 50-percent increase in enrollment and now has waitlists.

After refreshing its website, Casa de Corazón experienced a 104-percent increase in website visits. 

“It only took a few months to see results,” Tvrdik explains. “Once the website was up, we saw immediate improvements, and the number of visits has been climbing ever since.” 

Headquarters: Minneapolis
Inception: 2002
Leadership: Natalie Standridge, CEO
Revenue: Not disclosed
Description: Spanish immersion early learning program committed to providing socially responsible education and child care services in a healthy, compassionate, intercultural environment.

Rocket55 also worked to grow Casa de Corazón’s social media presence, increasing the company’s social following by 10 percent to date.
But Standridge says she wasn’t exactly surprised by the impressive results. “I kind of expected that,” she says. “I could tell from my first meeting with Rocket55 that something magical was going to happen. I could tell by their ideas and ability to foster and manage these changes for my brand.”

Additionally, the increased marketing and exposure paired with Rocket55’s public relations and outreach efforts helped Casa de Corazón launch its first franchise location. 

The power of partnership

Not only does Rocket55 work hard to get results for its clients, but the company also values the long-term partnerships. “We see Casa de Corazón—and all of our clients—as partners. We want to be an extension of their businesses and support them for the long run,” Tvrdik explains.
Today, Standridge is in constant contact with her Rocket55 account manager and social media manager. She also meets with Rocket55 each quarter to talk strategy. 

“I really like the working relationship I have with my account manager and social media manager,” she adds. “They are personal, prompt, creative, and hardworking—and they come up with things that have a real, tangible impact.” 

Future plans for Casa de Corazón include continued improvements in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, as well as continued growth of its social media presence. 

“We want to help power the growth of Casa de Corazón as it expands throughout the Twin Cities and the nation,” Tvrdik says.