Jashan Eison talks shop with employees. Photo by Joel Schnell

In 2012, Jashan Eison and CFO Fred Poferl at H&B Elevators were informed the company would be put up for sale. A fixture in south Minneapolis since 1921, the company designs and constructs elevator cabs, interiors, and entrances. Read More
In our August 2013 issue we told the story of Delano-based Landscape Structures, a manufacturer of playgrounds that’s grown from a startup with a vision — and a concern for child development — to a giant in its niche. Read More
For manufacturers looking to grow, finding adequately trained workers can be difficult. Ultra Machining Company addresses the problem head on.  Read More

Minneapolis-based manufacturing startup Life Floor is expanding to the West Coast and opening a new manufacturing facility in South Dakota this April. Read More
A competition robot packing a MaxBotix sensor

A competition robot packing a MaxBotix sensor

About 12 years ago, Bob Gross of Brainerd, Minnesota, entered a robotics competition with his 11-year-old daughter. Much to their frustration, they kept having problems with their robot’s sensor — the closest thing it had to eyes. Read More
During his 30-year career as a retailer of motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs, one of Tim Swenson’s hobbies was touring manufacturing plants to find out how things were built. “I never dreamed I’d be in the manufacturing business someday,” he says. But Swenson’s curiosity and the knowledge he acquired along the way would eventually serve him — and others — well.
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It’s complex: A ‘clean in place’ system manufactured by Relco

If you’d asked Loren Corle back in the early ’80s what his future job title would be, president of the world’s fourth-largest dairy equipment manufacturer wouldn’t have been a likely response. Read More

The Altoz assembly line

This year has been an unusually busy one at the manufacturing plant in north Minnesota where Central Boiler has produced wood- Read More

Students from Hutchinson Middle School and High School learn about jobs in manufacturing on a tour at MITGI

Last year, Minnesota’s manufacturing industry contributed over $43 billion to the state's economy and employed over 300,000 workers. So it’s no wonder Gov. Mark Dayton proclaimed Oct. 19-25 Manufacturers Week. Read More