MacKenzie Weldon, VP, Commercial Sales at Cambria
True Talent Group hosted their annual Marketing + Creative Leaders Summit with keynote speaker MacKenzie Weldon, VP, Commercial Sales at Cambria and a series of panels covering digital marketing to hiring and retaining top talent. A key theme that arose from the event centered around the human connection. Read More
Five tips for getting published from the cofounders of Wise Ink Creative Publishing. Read More

Christine Lantinen with historical Maud Borup photos and new modern candies. 

When Christine Lantinen was new to her career in merchandise sourcing with Target, she’d allow herself a treat after a particularly stressful day. She’d swing by the Maud Borup candy shop on Grand Avenue in St. Paul to answer her craving for chocolate-dipped potato chips. Read More

The cynics in our business will tell you that PR firms are a commodity profession today: plenty of supply to fill the growing demand of clients. As a result, companies looking to retain PR firms often favor a search process that pits several agencies in a knock-down, last-team-standing competition for the right to serve as a client’s PR counsel. Read More
Marketing is generally one of the last things to be added in a business with owners taking on the burden until they can hire. If you are at the point you’re ready to hire a marketing person or if you’re still doing it all follow these 6 tips for the most marketing success and the least amount of headaches.   Read More

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In the early 1980’s, Steve Hed, a small business owner and entrepreneur who owned Grand Performance Bicycles in St. Paul, began tinkering with road bicycle wheels. In particular, Hed – a young pioneer in a crowded market – was focused on making aerodynamic bicycle wheels by using carbon fiber materials, essentially making bicycles faster. Read More

Alexis Walsko, founder of Lola Red

Alexis Walsko admits that she is not a hard core sports fan, but she thinks that may be a strategic advantage as she adds a professional sports division to her Minneapolis-based media relations firm. Read More
In a digital world, a tradeshow booth may be your company’s ticket to memorable marketing. Read More

Three Deep employees enjoy the freedom to work from Three Deep’s custom on-site bar.

Lots of companies are great at selling their products, services or ideas. Far fewer are great at selling themselves. How should small and midsize employers market themselves to potential recruits? We asked advice from four experts — most of whom offer this kind of counsel for a living. Read More