For many business leaders, public speaking is a chore, not a hobby. Others don’t mind it so much — but they’re not about to quit their day jobs. It’s rare to encounter someone who can step on stage or stand up in a boardroom and clearly, fluently, persuasively hold forth, hitting all the right notes along the way. Read More

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Ever since Facebook started allowing users to roll out business pages in 2009 and Twitter hit its metaphorical peak, according to CNN, at 21.2 million visitors in the same year, businesses have heard nothing but how important it is to have a social media presence. Read More
Marketing can easily become too faceless, lack relevancy, or get lost in the pack — in order to draw potential customers, content must break through the clutter, but this isn't news to our audience. What might be news however, is the growing role of social media in how a businesses conducts marketing. Read More

I think we can all agree that online marketing and presence are important, perhaps even crucial, for modern businesses. But are you making the most of yours? Local experts share their best online practices for businesses:  Read More

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Metro Transit provides over 81 million rides per year and serves approximately 289,000 commuters in the Twin Cities every day. Read More

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Magnet 360 attracts success by strategy, not circumstance. Read More