May 2016 New Hires & Promotions

A number of companies welcomed new employees and celebrated promotions in May

By Emily Gasperlin
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Company: The Stable
New Hire: Pete Mueller
Title: Head of Sales (Best Buy)

Company: The Stable
New Hire: Christi Engbloom
Title: National Sales Manager (Target)

Company: Nilan Johnson Lewis
New Hire: Courtney Blanchard
Title: Associate, Labor & Employment Practice Group

Company: Anser Innovation
New Hire: Craig Espelien
Title: Chief Experience Officer

Company: StoneArch
New Hire: Rebecca Dehn
Title: Director of Account Planning

Company: StoneArch
New Hire: Hayley Doyle
Title: Project Manager

Company: StoneArch
New Hire: Anna Hoeschen
Title: Writer

Company: DiaMedica
New Hire: Dr. Todd Verdoorn
Title: Chief Scientific Officer

Company: JUX Law Firm (formerly Thompson Hall)
New Hire: Kimberly Lowe
Title: Attorney

Company: Meet Minneapolis, Convention and Visitors Association
New Hire: Savannah Wroge
Title: Sales Account Executive

Company: Thriveon
New Hire: Thomas Thomsen
Title: Network Administrator


Company: StoneArch
Promotion: Cassie Benowitz has been promoted to VP of Strategy and Planning

Company: StoneArch
Promotion: Phil Hoch has been promoted to Executive Creative Director

Company: StoneArch
Promotion: Katie Uphus has been promoted to Senior Director of Operations

Company: StoneArch
Promotion: Allison Shulow has been promoted to Art Director

Company: StoneArch
Promotion: Stew Johnson has been promoted to Senior Account Executive

Company: StoneArch
Promotion: Danielle Kurtz has been promoted to Project Manager

Company: StoneArch
Promotion: Kiki Romsaas has been promoted to Associate Director, Production

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Karla Braford has been promoted to a corporate accountant

Company: Dominium
Promotion: David Dougherty has been promoted to payroll supervisor

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Brittany Pearlman has been promoted to senior accounts payable administrator

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Jen Schneider has been promoted to accounts payable manager

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Rachel Palmer has been promoted to accounting manager

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Sarah Larson has been promoted to banking administrator

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Christie Luttio has been promoted to portfolio marketing manager

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Amanda Cramer has been promoted to senior IT project specialist

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Drew Wallen has been promoted to portfolio marketing manager

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Andrew Squier has been promoted to senior service desk technician

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Jeannette DeCambaliza has been promoted to senior graphic designer

Company: Dominium
Promotion: Terry Sween has been promoted to Development Associate