Microsoft Technology Center connecting sports and business during Super Bowl week

Technology is accelerating change for businesses and brands and sometimes it is challenging to keep up. The Microsoft Technology Center is an idea lab that helps brands solve challenging problems from brainstorming to applying actual technology to create solutions. They help both big and small brands leverage emerging technology to find ways to keep up with the always changing technology. 

With the Super Bowl in town, so are many brands. Microsoft is taking advantage of this rare opportunity to bring together big brands, local brands and connect them to sports and the local  business community at the Microsoft Technology Center in Edina. On Thursday, February 1 they hosted All Sports United, a nonprofit focused on raising awareness for philanthropy in sports for networking and a demo event where athletes and business people were able to demo Microsoft products. 


Kirk Cousins and friends spent some time playing Xbox while others tried out the new hologram and virtual reality technology. 

Today, they’re hosting Brand Innovators with brand leaders from General Mills, the Timberwolves, UnitedHealth Group, BMW Group and Regis among others to discuss how technology is changing marketing and the opportunities to for brands to work with sports and personal athlete brands.


Marketers from local and national brands joined the conversation discussing how social media creates opportunities to engage audiences interactively and bring them into events as well as how to use technology inside arenas and stadiums to activate fans.                        

Tomorrow is one last chance to get in on the brand and sports conversation with Force Multiply’s: IMPACT Beyond the Game event at the Walker where they are bringing together a panel to preview Super Bowl commercials and talk about marketing and advertising responsibilities to the community beyond the game.