Minneapolis Entrepreneur Launches Storage Company

Molly Seeley re-invents self-storage with CyberSpace.

By Sam Campbell

As co-owner of Twin Cities full service moving company Local Motion, Molly Seeley recognized a consumer need for new options in service storage--so she started CyberSpace.

"I've been in the industry for over a decade and I've just heard nightmares about self-storage," said Seeley. "The biggest complaint I always hear is how inconvenient it is."

And convenience is exactly where Seeley's new business excels. Named CyberSpace due to the technological enhancements made to the traditional temperature controlled space, the new model incorporates digital inventory of everything stored, as well as options for delivery, donation to Goodwill, recycling and even selling on eBay.

"How long would it take you to find one box?" said Seely. "With us you login, you look at your items, you add it to cart and you're done. You can access twenty things in twenty seconds, otherwise it would take hours to go into a dirty storage lcoker and try to find it."