Dr. Richard Lindstrom (left) and Dr. David Hardten (right)

New correctional surgery for nearsightedness comes to Minnesota

Minnesota Eye Consultants first to offer presbyopia procedures in the state

By Lexy Immerman
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A solution for those suffering from nearsightedness will be introduced to Minnesota on July 1st and 17th from the Minnesota Eye Consultants. Dr. Richard Lindstrom and Dr. David Hardten will perform the first surgeries in the region using an implanted cornea inlay, the recently FDA-approved KAMRA™. The procedure will use the inlay to focus light coming into the eye using a “pinhole effect”, thanks to the shape of the inlay—a mini ring with an opening in the center. The inlay, which sits in the cornea, is smaller and thinner than a contact lens, and can restore near vision while maintaining a patient’s distance vision without blurry areas.

Image courtesy of Minnesota Eye Consultants.

Many people suffer from presbyopia, or nearsightedness, which is a natural eye condition usually noticed around the early to mid-40s when the lens of the eye loses its flexibility. This loss of flexibility reduces the ability of the eye to focus closely, which causes blurriness in the vision while reading and observing near objects.

Presbyopia is present in nearly 114 million people in the United States and isn’t a disease, although it cannot be prevented, and most everyone will develop it in their lifetime. Previously, nearsighted patients needed to use reading glasses or contacts to compensate for their presbyopia, but this new procedure can eliminate the need for those in the long-term.

“This procedure has already helped thousands of people internationally get their near vision back,” said Dr. Lindstrom.  “We’re glad to be the first in our area to offer it to our patients.  This is an excellent treatment option, with minimal compromises and inconveniences.  I’m confident this can change the lives of many of our patients.”