North Minneapolis

Community at work Old National Bank
Imagine a place that not only provides affordable food, it also serves as a safe space for the community to gather, receive wellness services and obtain health care assistance. Read More
Open for business: Jaequan’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs
June 16, 2018 — In 2016, Jaequan Faulkner, who is now 13, started selling hot dogs in front of his Penn Avenue home. He’s always been popular with customers in the Willard-Hay neighborhood but there was one catch: his stand was not officially permitted.  Read More
The hard truth is that most Minnesotans see North Minneapolis and places like it as somewhere else. And, by extension, someone else’s problem. Who has time to worry about what’s happening on the ground at Broadway and Emerson or Lowry and Penn when you’ve got fires burning closer to home?
More Than Meets the Eye
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