On the Other Hand

CEOs share positive viewpoints on President Trump

These comments are a counterpoint to a Perspectives we published in February’s issue of Minnesota Business. That month contained our CEO Survey. One question asked, “What business concerns keep you up at night?” One of the possible answers was “The new president.” I composed the survey before the election, when all the experts thought Hilary Clinton would win, but the surveys were sent out shortly after the election, when Donald Trump won. I was amazed that about one-third of the respondents checked the “Concerns about the new president” answer, and so we published their comments. After the issue was published, some readers asked if we could balance that out with some positive viewpoints about President Trump, so that is the focus of this piece. As in the other article, we gave the CEOs the option of being anonymous.

Business understanding

One of the things that President Trump brings to the country is an understanding of business economics vs. government economics. An example is how to create jobs. By reducing corporate taxes, businesses have additional capital to grow. When businesses grow, they hire more people. When payrolls grow, nearly 30% of the payroll goes to takes (paid by business and individuals). The net is more people employed and more tax revenue to the government than the reduction of corporate income tax. —George Lee, CEO, Snap Agency

Small business plus

I believe with President Trump that small business will be in a better position. We will get tax breaks that are needed.

I think President Trump is right for closing our borders until we get a better grasp on who is trying to get into our country. We lock our houses at night and when we go to work. Why not America! 

Obama care should be abolished. Let’s get some reasonable solutions to the problem.

I’m personally looking forward to a president who is for America, not against it.  We need real solutions to real problems; politics as usual will not be the answer. —Jerri Sweeney, Innovative Building Concepts

Take responsibility

There are many things I cannot control, but I take responsibility for my business and the successes or failures it has. Whether it is President Trump, former President Obama, or anyone else, it is on me to have a business that is able to withstand change. If I am relying on the president to make my business successful, then I’m making a huge mistake. People often want excuses when they fail. I am optimistic about the next four years. I want all of our presidents to be successful because that is what’s best for our country. If my business is not successful, it surely won’t be because of changes President Trump has made. —Justin Musil, Owner, Elite Sports Advising; Associate Scout, Texas Rangers


I’m in the alcohol industry and I’m heavily regulated by the following organizations:

  • FDA
  • MN Dept. of Alcohol & Gambling
  • MN Dept. of Agriculture
  • Local Health Inspector

There are some very good regulations, meant to keep consumers and employees safe, and business practices fair and honest. However, many regulations just leave everyone asking “Whoever thought this was a good idea?”

“For every new regulation created, two must be removed” is a good start and I hope the states also begin a practice like this. Anyone starting out on anywhere near the budget I started on is going to have a very, very hard time making it now. —Anonymous

Respect & confidence

Dear Friends, President Donald Trump is our chosen, elected president. Whatever your party affiliation, position or understanding of government, I invite your support to rise above the divide and embrace our nation’s founding doctrine [U.S. Constitution]. I give my full respect with confidence and optimism to our new president and his administration, and will do my part to contribute to making America a great place starting with prayer for the unity and sanctification of our country and the work of our president, Congressional representatives, government leaders, administration and media. I invite you to do the same. I am optimistic of the president’s abilities to lead and serve the United States of America into a prosperous nation for all its citizens.   —Deborah Yungner, CEO/Founder & Chief Visioneer, ERBUS


In his first two weeks in office, President Trump has shown dramatically that he is pro-business. He signed a memo reducing the regulatory burden on small business owners. In an executive order, for every new regulation added, two must be eliminated. His reduction of red tape will not only benefit businesses but taxpayers as well. His administrative actions will continue and influence congressional actions to follow. I look forward with hope to each new week for the economic benefits that are coming! —S. Kenneth Nelson, President, Nelson Group International

Supported Stein, but...

With a keen dislike for Hillary and her actions in office, yet a Democrat, I voted for Jill Stein, whose environmental agenda I support. A Trump vote was never a consideration. Having said that, he is now the president, and I am attempting to give him a chance. His position on business and creating more jobs in America is where we align. I am warming up to Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Gorsuch. More challenging and fateful financial times could erupt with all that is occurring around the world socially and economically. It is time for the United States citizens to agree to disagree, being respectful of our opponents, which includes the president of the United States.  —Anonymous

Give him a chance

I am hoping to see positive changes in several areas he campaigned about. Child care for working mothers, improving inner cities, education, safety, strengthening our manufacturing — so much lost over the last several years — over 70,000 manufacturers in this country moved or closed down. He may do a lot for our economy and get us back on track — I hope he does. It’s time to close ranks — give him a chance. If we disagree, reasonable calmness goes a lot further and is more effective when disagreeing.  What is the meeting ground? ...there can be one. When there is so much anger, we lose sight. —Melissa Veeser President, Jeanie Premium Products