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MG McGrath offers its employees a positive, inspiring workplace

Passion drives excellence

MG McGrath offers its employees a positive, inspiring workplace

U.S. Bank Stadium; Hennepin County Medical Center; Mall of America North Expansion Phase 1C; Mayo Clinic Square; UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; The Marquette Hotel.

These are just a few of the diverse projects M. G. McGrath Architectural Surfaces, which specializes in architectural surfaces and architectural glass and glazing, has worked on across the country.

“There’s not much we won’t try to do,” says McGrath. “We’re all really passionate. Creative problem-solving is what we excel at; it’s what motivates our team.”

McGrath’s father founded the company 33 years ago. It has now grown to one of the largest architectural metal companies in the country. In 2001, M. G. McGrath, Inc. launched a glass and glazing company that’s been equally profitable for the past 17 years.

“He created a niche within an already niche market,” says McGrath. “We’ve done so by focusing on people, innovation and creativity.” More than anything, says McGrath, its 300plus employees are what make M.G. McGrath stand out in its specialized field. He notes that they put in long hours and are dedicated to every single project.

The company emphasizes providing its employees with an inspiring and safe place to work in. Creating a positive environment that motivates employees translates to increased customer satisfaction. People are excited about what they do, which is evidenced by the way they treat their clients.

“As the leader of our company, I have so much confidence in our people,” says McGrath. “They can work through pretty much anything that is thrown at them. I have nothing but complete confidence that we can get through everything together. They have so much passion for what they do, and you can definitely sense it in the room.”

You can also sense it in the architectural projects they’ve worked on — projects such as Thor Construction Headquarters in Minneapolis, Walker Art Center and the United States Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The glass company has worked on projects such as the University of South Florida Sun Dome and Tria Woodbury  Orthopedic Center.

Both the surfaces and glass and glazing sides have produced public art projects such as the Horn at Medtronic Plaza. “It’s motivating and inspiring to see what our team can do,” says McGrath. “We’ve had so many challenges and opportunities come up. Our work is visible and tangible, and it’s fun and exciting to see the result.”

Over the past 33 years, M.G. McGrath, Inc. has completed more than 10,000 projects and installed more than 1 million pieces of construction material. With today’s advancement in manufacturing, this type of craftsmanship delegated to the machines, but at McGrath, people lead and touch every single project.

That attention to detail gives the company a unique edge in a world where manpower is becoming robot-driven. “There is a personal touch to every project,” says McGrath. “It gives people a lot of pride to come into work every day. It has its challenges and tough problems to work through, but we get to do so many things we haven’t done before.”

This year, they were named one of the 2018 “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Minnesota Business, something McGrath is extremely proud of and credits his team. “The recognition as being a top workplace is the most rewarding thing,” he says. “Most of us spend more awake time at work than anywhere else. You have to love where you work. We’re making it a good place to come and work. It’s extremely gratifying.”

All their success, McGrath says, goes back to the value they place in their employees and the teamwork they foster in the work environment. Without the team’s passion for their work and projects they lead, it would be difficult to deliver the stellar work they are known for. “Our biggest thing is that we’re focused on team passion and pride for our brand,” says McGrath.

“We are solution-driven and obsess about results. We expect nothing but excellence.”