Editor's Note

Publisher's Note

Women who mean business

Calamity Jane (née Martha Jane Canary) once remarked, “I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one.” This issue is dedicated to all of the women — the true originals, the forward-thinkers and the up-and-comers — who just decided to go ahead and be legendary.

There are a lot of these amazing women who grew up, live and work in our state. This issue is proof positive of that. Take, for example, the five women we interviewed as part of our “Women Who Lead” feature. One is an Emmy-award winner, another a world-renowned explorer. Three more dreamed up, created and now produce the weekly podcast Borrowed Interest, which explores the advertising industry and its portrayal of women and people of color.

In addition to those five exceptional individuals, we’ve added 48 well-deserving businesswomen to our “Women Who Lead” alumni. In choosing the women to honor, it was important to us to not only concentrate on those who have been capturing headlines, but also those who quietly and persistently lead each day. Our choices were based not only on what they have achieved professionally, but also on how they have empowered others to succeed. They serve as inspirations for future legends — including my daughters Meredith (11) and my own calamity Jane (9). I am honored to help tell these women’s stories.

Are you a woman, or do you know a woman, who wants to grow a business? Check out our feature on WomenVenture’s ScaleUp! initiative. You’ll also want to review our Q&As with some remarkable executives, including Liwanag Ojala, Leslie Frécon and Sara Criger. And for those of you who have included “be my own boss” on their lists of New Year’s resolutions, be sure to read our article on franchisors.

It’s only appropriate that our Women Who Lead issue was helmed by women: Megan Effertz, Minnesota Business’s new executive editor; Teresa Kenney, our new managing editor; our award-winning art director, Sara Chars; our projects coordinator, Heidi Branes; and our production director, Dianne Talmage — not to mention our event manager, Kelsey Copeland who produced our Women Who Lead networking event to celebrate the businesswomen in this issue.

We’re very excited about our new editorial team. It embraces Minnesota Business’s vision to provide “inspiration for growing companies” and is committed to bringing thought-provoking stories to the business community. Teresa has a long and successful history in publishing, and Megan brings an executive perspective to the editorial team and is deeply engaged in Minnesota’s business community. We look forward to Minnesota Business continuing to evolve and thrive — online, in print, and through our networking and educational events — with our dynamic new team.

Thank you for sharing your time with us. If you have any news to share or story ideas to offer, be sure to send us a note or news release at mnbizeditors@tigeroak.com.