Putting Skin in the Game

IFS Gets Predictable Technology and Better Business Results from Partnership with Thriveon

Information and technology has not always had the same focus as new manufacturing technologies for Industrial Fabrication Services (IFS), a Minnesota manufacturing company. That is, until IFS saw that investing in IT could improve the way they served their customers, and remain a strong competitor in the custom metal fabrication market place.

Design and drafting is an important piece of IFS’s contract manufacturing process, but the server situation at the company was hobbling their ability to keep up with demand, and they didn’t have the sound advice they needed to move forward with server upgrades that would support updated software.

Additionally, IFS had outgrown their hosted email service and had limitations in how much data they could backup. In the area of backup and disaster recovery, they saw the need to modernize their procedures but were unsure of what direction to go.

Matt Doherty, President of IFS, was researching his IT options when he met with Sam Bloedow, CEO of Thriveon. It didn’t take long for Matt to recognize that the approach to IT that Sam described would not only provide them with the advice and project implementation that would help them over their current hurdles, but would give them a way to turn IT into a business function that enabled their goals.

“I was impressed by their proactive approach. With Thriveon we would have more of a partner, and someone who had some skin in the game,” said Matt. “Until I met Sam, I didn’t know that an IT company could operate that way.”

As Thriveon began work with IFS, they addressed immediate needs to update the AutoCAD server and the email system, as well as modernize backup and disaster recovery procedures. Consultation with their Thriveon, vCIO, resulted in the design of systems to enable collaboration with maximum efficiency and future scalability. Updated data backup capabilities were put in place in addition to improvements in security.

The improved business results that come from predictable technology aren’t the only benefit that IFS receives from partnering with Thriveon. Their customized IT roadmap helps them look forward, to plan and budget for future needs, all while enabling their business goals. That’s all part of Thriveon’s proactive approach to I.T. strategy and management.

And that’s the “skin in the game” for Matt Doherty.



Headquarters: Minnesota

Founded: 2002

Leadership: Sam Bloedow, CEO


Employees: 21