Real Men Wear Pink

If it seems like you’re seeing more pink in the offices and conference rooms of the Twin Cities, your eyes are not deceiving you.

This October, the Real Men Wear Pink initiative by the American Cancer Society is in its second year in the Twin Cities.

The campaign asks men to wear pink during the month of October and commit to raising $2,500 by passing the hat among their social media contacts and in their business network to raise money for breast cancer research.

Last year, nine high-profile men raised over $18,000 dedicated to breast cancer research. This year, with 17 dudes committed to wearing pink, the fundraising totals will expand.

Jonathan Weinhagen is among the men who will be resplendent in a series of pink dress shirts. The president and CEO of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce has personal motivation for getting involved.

“My mother and grandmother both have battled breast cancer, so I know the impact it has on a family and their community,” says Weinhagen, 34. “In the work I do, I also see the ripple effect that cancer has on our economy, with lost work hours and how caregivers are pulled away from their day-to-day roles.”

The masculine focus represents a new approach from the American Cancer Society.

“It’s possible for men to get breast cancer, but it’s very rare. What isn’t rare is for men to be connected to women who’ve had a breast cancer diagnosis,” says Amy Sandberg, Community Development Manager with the local American Cancer Society office.

The men will be highlighted in all their pink-wearing glory at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fundraiser. The noncompetitive walk is scheduled for Oct. 7 at US Bank Stadium. Last year, the event raised $234,000 for research, programs and services for breast cancer patients.