Made in Minnesota

To the Rescue

Working on deadline and your computer crashed? Have no fear, DotComGuy is here

If you’ve ever wished that you could get your laptop fixed as easily as you can request an Uber or book an Airbnb, you’re in luck. DotComGuy is on the job. 

Inspired by how sharing-economy companies use on-call networks to connect users to the right people, CEO Jim Pascucci implemented the same model to provide people with fast and affordable tech support. “We connect consumers and small businesses with local, qualified technicians, all of whom are independent contractors, at a lower price than the competition,” explains Pascucci. 

Available to Minneapolis residents and small businesses, DotComGuy is easy to use. Simply access, click on the picture of the problem device, and select a service. Then enter your zip code, and you’ll immediately receive a quote. “Within 20 minutes or less, you and your assigned technician will both receive an email with the details of your order. Then you can directly connect with one another and arrange for your tech to fix whatever issue you have within three hours or less,” says Jake Beasley, chief technology officer for the company. 

DotComGuy’s tech support services include repairs for computers, printers, laptops, smartphones, telecoms, smart home appliances and home theaters. It can also provide help with new installations.

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