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She walks between worlds

An IT expert who explores her spiritual side

By Sue Hawkes
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Laurie Wondra has been a CIO and VP of Client Experience. She’s currently an executive consultant and also a shaman, one who is conversant with the spiritual realm. Let me start with a disclaimer in case your inner skeptic kicks in. Laurie has had an impressive career as a leader in IT, an industry that doesn’t attract large numbers of females. And yes, I am aware shamans aren’t typically featured in business magazines. While this may be true, it’s time we start talking and challenge the stigma surrounding the metaphysical.

I’ve known Laurie for many years and in many capacities, both in and out of the workplace. A few summers ago, our families hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu followed by a medical mission through the Smile Network. Laurie is incredibly sharp and incredibly spiritual. She leads global IT projects and also is the CEO and owner of YourLifeCore, where she gives readings, performs energy healings and helps people communicate with souls no longer on Earth. Laurie serves as a perfect example of someone who is not defined by just one aspect of herself. There are different sides to all of us, and until we can authentically embrace that, we will never bring our full selves — and therefore full capacity — to the workplace.

Road to realization

Laurie has felt a higher consciousness throughout her life, but didn’t realize this was “different” from others because she had no frame of reference. “When I was younger I used to play church. I was giving Mass by age three,” Laurie remembers. Although she wanted to study sociology and psychology in college, Laurie’s parents urged her to choose a more “practical” option. This led her into the world of computers and technology, a world she enjoys equally to the spiritual world. “Of course the Universe would have put me there,” muses Laurie. “That’s very left-brained and I needed something to balance my right brain.”

Metaphysics at work

As Laurie’s metaphysical skills grew, so did her corporate career. “In corporate America it was not always okay to speak about spiritual things,” remembers Laurie, “but as I moved up in the ranks I could have a bit more license in what I did or didn’t do. Over time, I introduced more metaphysical things, including my love of rocks and the energy of crystals. We also had spray bottles of sage to clear rooms of energy. Sometimes you’re better off just experiencing.”

“The first couple of times, [employees] couldn’t really pinpoint why the energy felt better, but as time went on, if they ran out of sage I would get an email from them asking for more.” While many of Laurie’s colleagues are open-minded, some are not. When asked if she ever feels like her metaphysical practices make others view her as less credible, she says it’s all about perception. “I’m no different than an employee who may love painting, or NASCAR or scrapbooking. We all have hidden gifts or things we like to do,” explains Laurie. “Someone wouldn’t bring their scrapbooking into the office and sit there doing it. When you’re psychic it’s always there with you, but it’s not in everybody’s face.”

A corporate demand

Although some are skeptical of the metaphysical, Laurie’s gifts are often incredibly helpful in business. “If I’m in a very tense meeting and watching someone’s aura, I can tell whether they are angry or if there is something simmering even if they might look very composed to the other people around the table.” The demand for metaphysical teaching and services is growing, and Laurie believes this is because people want to be authentic and bring their whole selves to work. She offers retreats for executives, taking 15-20 people at a time on learning excursions to learn to trust their intuition and blend spirit with business. “Many people ask me how I can be in corporate America and use my intuition or use my gifts and do it comfortably,” she says. “There’s more and more of that happening but there is still stigma around it. That’s one reason so many people struggle in business; there are certain things they can’t be authentic about. It may be as simple as having skills not being used because of the culture or job, or something much deeper.”

Laurie made her choice to be authentic when she wrote her first book, Emerging Energy. “It was a big decision to step out into the world. I thought, ‘Okay, it’s public, people are going to find out.’ But it’s who I am. Part of my journey is others believing me or not.”

Maintaining balance

Though often asked if she will leave the IT world and commit to her metaphysical work full time, she has no plans to leave either. “I absolutely could be in my metaphysical business full time, but the IT arena keeps me balanced between the left and the right brain,” says Laurie. “The whole process in the evolution of a higher consciousness and higher awareness is having balance.” When she swings too far to either side, she finds the Divine steps in. “If I need a break, suddenly I will find a break in my calendar for a week or for two days or whatever is needed. That’s the magic of the thing.”

After serving thousands of global clients in both her IT and metaphysical career, Laurie Wondra is an example of the success authenticity provides. She brings all aspects of herself to both careers, while helping her clients do the same thing. 

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Sue Hawkes, CEO of YESS!, is a Certified EOS Implementer, Certified Business Coach, WPO Chapter Chair, bestselling author and award-winning entrepreneur. She has been helping entrepreneurs and leadership teams succeed for the past 20+ years.