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Food-safety app was created by retailers for retailers

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Food-safety app was created by retailers for retailers

Prepared foods are the fastest-growing segment in grocery retail, with 58% of sales in a $24 billion industry.  As the prepared-food industry grows, so does the potential for foodborne illness. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 17% of the population gets sick each year — and 3,000 people die — from foodborne diseases. 

Paul Radermacher, co-founder of Eden Prairie-based LogSafe Compliance, is a third-generation, family-business owner of national grocery stores. He is intimately familiar with food-safety challenges, which led him to create LogSafe Compliance apps. Easy to use, the apps tell the employees what to do when action is required. 

“Food safety is prone to human error, and I wanted to eliminate that risk from grocery stores. Our automated apps alert staff when action is required — a proactive approach to safety versus reactive,” explains Radermacher. “As stores implement this technology, we’ve discovered our app is identifying issues with process and equipment, too. One client learned staff was regularly over-cooking food when alerted multiple times that temps were out of compliance.” 

Compliance logs include food expiration, temperature, employee illness, drain sanitation and equipment sterilization. Two independent state health inspectors performed routine food safety audits on the apps and had the same reaction: They loved them. Unlike log books, data in the apps can’t be manipulated, and the automated process ensures logs are happening at the required time intervals, mitigating risk. 

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