Wisconsin vs. Minnesota in a jobs showdown

Stat Bites

Build it, and they will come (for jobs, that is).

IN AN INDUSTRIOUS STATE: More than half of Minnesota’s Fortune 500 companies fall within the manufacturing industry. Employment in this state’s sector increased by about 10% overall since 2010. (Source: Deloitte, 5/4/18)

NEIGHBORS SQUARE OFF: Take that, you Packer backers: According to Wisconsin Public Radio (no less), Minnesota surpassed Wisconsin in 2017 for total jobs for the first time this millennium. (Source)

BADGERS VS. GOPHERS: Other than a four-year period in the early 2000s, Minnesota has attracted a surplus of interstate migrants versus Wisconsin since 1990. To stem this tide, Governor Scott Walker signed a bill in April approving nearly $7 million for enticing millennials to the Badger State. Gopher it! (Source)