Made in Minnesota

Supporting infants with style

A young mother breaks into the world of infant travel accessories with the help of a supportive neck pillow

By Frances Stevenson

As an infant, Alicia Overby’s son Finn could never seem to get comfortable. When Overby brought Finn to a chiropractor’s office, he was diagnosed with subluxation (spinal discomfort), a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, which was believed to be caused by strain during labor. Finn could not hold his head up, and the chiropractor suggested something to support Finn’s head while he was in a seated position (e.g., in a car seat, stroller, or carrier). Overby never found a pillow that successfully supported Finn’s head, so she created her own, now known as Baby Elephant Ears.

“The purpose of the shape is to support the head from both sides as well as just slightly below with the lower “lobes” to prevent slumping,” Overby said, explaining the elephant ear shape and the company’s name. “There is also no padding behind the neck to avoid pushing the head forward and simply allow the sides to be supported.”

Finn’s discomfort disappeared with Baby Elephant Ears and Overby decided to bring her product to the market to help other families and babies dealing with similar neck-support issues.

Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest that provides spinal and neck support. The pillow is perfect for strollers, “bouncies” or swings, and carriers (but cannot be used for cribs or car seats). The pillows are machine washable and made from sustainable materials and ethically produced. Baby Elephant Ears has other products besides the support pillows including bibs and blankets. Overby hopes the company will continue to grow and expand into the market of travel accessories for infants.

“We are nearing our 10-year milestone in 2019 and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish by then,” Overby said. “My dream would be for Baby Elephant Ears to continue offering diverse selections of innovative products to moms around the world.”