Sweet Dreams

Mike Lindell of MyPillow values truthful advertising, customer service and restful sleep

By Kiley Petersen
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Success hasn’t changed MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell. Certainly, his good fortune with his company (My Pillow Inc.) has transformed his small family business into a big employer, but his business model and philosophy on life? Rock solid.

When his pillows began flying off the shelves, Lindell received calls from outsourcers who wanted to take over the production, which originally began in his garage. “We get calls from companies all the time, asking if we can outsource,” says Lindell. “They try to change what we do, what we stand for, or change the manufacturing or the advertising. We still want to be that [family-owned] company. It’s big yet small.”

MyPillow was born out of Lindell’s own sleeping problems. He invented the pillow in 2005 and began selling them out of a kiosk in Eden Prairie mall. “I wanted a pillow that you could adjust. If your neck is bent, you get all these sleep interruptions,” Lindell says.

The pillow has three pieces of interlocking patented fill, so it doesn’t go flat at night. And heat interrupts sleep, so the pillow is designed to have a natural cooling effect. In the summer of 2014, the National Sleep Foundation announced that MyPillow was its official pillow, adding credentials to the company’s popularity.

Lindell credits his success to two things: truth in advertising and excellent customer service. Lindell and his team make every radio or TV ad they put out, and MyPillow gifts a pillow to every host that promotes Lindell’s brand, so they can experience the change in sleep themselves and not just read from a teleprompter. Because of his humble beginnings, Lindell values each and every customer that enters a store or calls its Chaska call center. With over 1,100 employees (and still growing — they just opened a new production plant in Shakopee) and over 23 million pillows sold, Lindell can rest easy at night, knowing that MyPillow has created a change in customers’ sleeping habits and overall wellbeing.