3D printing

The future of organ modeling and bioprinting
It’s not science fiction; life-saving organs may be transplanted from printers not donors, potentially reducing both the risk of rejection and long donor waiting lists. We’re not quite there yet, but those who take the opposing bet do so at their own peril. They’re betting against some of Minnesota’s brightest researchers. Read More

Photo courtesy of Century College

The other day, Senator John Hoffman called me with a question: Can 3D printing technology improve mobility options for the disabled? Read More

The original hand developed by Dr. D. Subbaram Naidu

It looks like a prop from a movie set in the future — a five fingered mechanical hand, driven by sensors.
It’s not science fiction; it’s in development in a Minnesota lab.
But despite the obvious potential for the replacement appendage, its creator remains stymied in his efforts to get the funding to complete his work and bring the prosthetic to the masses.  
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In the November 2014 issue, we explored the impact of 3D printing on a wide variety of industries, from construction to health care to industrial design. Read More
Manufacturing medical devices is one thing. Making prototypes of them is another. 3D printing can be particularly helpful with the latter. On Jan. Read More
Minnesota is no stranger to the world of 3D printing technology. Home to the headquarters of Stratasys, a world leader in the manufacturing of 3D printing equipment, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has been a hub for the industry since the early stages of its develop Read More
Stephani Simon has found a nice niche for her Minneapolis-based PR company. At Inprela Communications, clients must fit a mold: they need to be B2B companies in the manufacturing and health care sectors. Read More

Let’s stick together: An automated arm gives new molds a hand at VistaTek

In any industry, staying current with changing technology is a prerequisite for sustaining a successful business. But it's also important to be selective. And the timehonored concept of "doing what you do best" still applies. The recent history of VistaTek, a Stillwater-based manufacturer, is a case in point. Read More
A new 3D printer called the Solidscape Contact 600 will allow Stratasys -- a Minnesota company that manufactures 3D printers and production systems -- to help those in the aerospace industry. Read More