Minnesota Business magazine sat down with Scott Mikesh, president and executive director of Art Buddies, and wanted to know: How does Mikesh express his own creativity, and what does art mean to him?    Read More
Although it’s been two years since Patti Jensen was diagnosed, she clearly remembers the head-spinning panic she felt when her doctor told her she had cancer. As her treatment began, she couldn’t shake the fear that she was going to die. What helped her cope was a paintbrush and a blank canvas.  Read More

Photo by Erin Francois

Designer by day, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) student by night – local artist Ashley Mary painted on the side as she pursued a career in the design industry. Just a few years later, the local artist, illustrator, stylist and designer struck out on her own to freelance full-time. Read More

Do you have an interesting lobby in your office? A conference room with a view? Or do you run a hardware store, a barber shop, an assembly plant or a hip ad agency?
The Minnesota Film and TV Board would like to take a look, and it might land your space on the big — or little — screen.
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You might be tempted to check your calendar if you’re in the vicinity of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on May 29.
You’ll see thousands of people streaming through the turnstiles at the Falcon Heights property, but it doesn’t mean the Great Minnesota Get Together has gotten a jump on its annual August opening day.
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Nick Roseth, founder of DocuMNtary

A lot of people in Minnesota don’t know about the history and growth of the state’s tech industry. And beyond Minnesota, even fewer know about what we have here. Nick Roseth plans to increase that awareness through a series of short documentaries under the auspices of DocuMNtary. Read More

Submited photo of Brianna Lane, Greg Neis and John Louis.

In the eight years that Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Brianna Lane toured the country, there was a particular style of venue that she came to prefer — a so-called “listening room.” Read More

Photo courtesy of DocuMNtary

The smartphones we carry around in our pockets — and lose with alarming frequency — are more powerful than the room-sized supercomputers that once epitomized American technological might. Read More

Rob Sheeley, owner of Mill City Sound

It’s round, with a hole in the middle, about the size of your hand. Ask most high school students what you’re describing and they’d likely guess an XL donut. Read More