St. Paul-based public relations firm Goff Public is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. To celebrate, it’s hosting a free communications training seminar on July 19 for up to 50 Minnesota-based nonprofits. Read More
For many business leaders, public speaking is a chore, not a hobby. Others don’t mind it so much — but they’re not about to quit their day jobs. It’s rare to encounter someone who can step on stage or stand up in a boardroom and clearly, fluently, persuasively hold forth, hitting all the right notes along the way. Read More

Jeff Olson, Director of Carrier Services at Marco

If there is a problem your business faces that is beyond the knowledge and skill of an in-house IT employee, it’s time to turn to a consultant with the experience and knowledge to help your business clear a hurdle. Read More

Editor's note: This article is part of the Local Focus: St. Cloud feature that appeared in the March 2013 issue. Read More
We all know there are two constants life: death and taxes. Actually, there's a third constant - acrimonious politics, wherein two fringe groups hurl insults back and forth, occasionally hitting those innocent bystanders in the middle and accomplishing almost nothing in the process. Read More
Enduring the inferno of a crisis from the recall of a product to a consumer boycott, has always been a humbling experience, but at least in the past companies had the luxury of time to respond. Read More
Many entrepreneurial startups have folded under the weight of a recession, and young businesses selling non-essential products are the first to go. To hear a success story of a business launched during tough economic times by young professionals is rare, but Gaardhouse Productions revenue has grown by at least 20 percent every year since its founding in 2007. Read More
Only a few companies started new communication campaigns during this recession. Many were in the market for as many ideas as possible, primarily because of their hesitancy to spend money in the first place. So they issued a request for proposal (RFP), and agencies responded to stay competitive, use up some of their extra time and because they were hungrier for work. Read More
So many small and mid-size businesses put off a website makeover because their last site not only broke their bank account, but tried their patience. It wasn't that long ago that creating a website was one of the most dreaded, thus procrastinated, parts of running a business. Read More