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Owners Harry and Judy Kilmer

How to avoid biting off more than you can chew. (Part 2 of the Small Business Revolution series.) Read More
There was a time when a food startup would have gone bust trying to sell spicy food to Minnesotans, but today there’s cold cash in hot stuff.
The Twin Cities is in the midst of a trending cycle for artisan businesses that create and market fiery foods.
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Krista and Steve Aspinwalls’ story begins during a rough patch in 2010 — with the economy on the downturn. The couple decided to leave their home in New Mexico for Krista’s native Minnesota, hoping that the traditionally thriving, innovative Twin Cities would be kind to them. Read More

Everyone is aware that low-cost food has a price, whether it’s on the environment, the local economy or our bodies. What people don’t talk about is the opportunity that each of us has to change the world when we pick foods that are real, sustain resources and treat people well. Read More

Junita Flowers, owner of Favorable Treats

On stage, she appeared unassuming and at ease as she sat with a panel of three other business owners at the Minnesota Business Executive Breakfast Forum last fall. As she answered every question, I was struck by Junita Flowers’ candor and energy. Read More
Chad Gillard stumbled into the food business by accident. He was running a concert stage at an Irish Fair with a friend and realized he couldn’t get a proper scone or potatoes there. So the next year he and his family set up a booth selling those two disparate food items. Read More
Experts say that an apple a day is good for you, but what kind of apple?
The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement has taken firm root in Minnesota along with organic farms, farmers markets, pick-your-own farms and farm-to-table restaurants. Consumers can purchase everything from honey and beef to goat’s milk, maple syrup, wine and a whole variety of vegetables and fruit.
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Bryan Bertsch pours his kombucha

Food at the Minnesota State Fair is known for being gut-busting, not gut-enhancing. But this year’s Great Minnesota Get Together will feature two Minneapolis-produced kombuchas that will offer a healthy form of refreshment for thirsty fair-goers. Read More
Having grown up on a small farm, Jeff Block understands the relationship between farmers and their livestock. “Farmers spend so much time caring for the animals that they become like family,” says Block, the founder of Meat Healthy, a delivery service that provides ethically raised meats. Read More