Technology helps improve balance and walking speed
Eden Prairie–based medical-startup RxFunction Inc., a wearable technology company, is preparing for FDA registration and market launch — as well as another round of clinical trials — of its product, walkasins, the first wearable sensory prosthesis (WSP). Read More
Sitting in coach on a flight to Austin, Texas, for his grandmother’s birthday, Robbie Harrell didn’t have much leg room.
The guy squeezed in next to him was big.
“I mean, really big,” says Harrell, 25. “Like, out of the movie ‘The 300,’ big.”
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Surprise! It is not only white men investing in startup businesses these days! Women and minorities are becoming bigger factors in this investment landscape and early data indicates this will continue to change the type of business that are receiving funding. Read More

Channel Capital Partners VP Adam Peterson (left) and CEO Brad Peterson. Photo by Joel Schnell

Since 2008, small business loan balances held by U.S. banks are down by $100 billion. At face value, this FDIC statistic seems good. Small businesses are healthier and paying down their debts, right? Read More

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Act-Learn-Build is the heart of the Studio/E method. It’s the process of taking small action steps, learning from each one and building upon that learning. Read More
In a classic “South Park” episode, the boys encounter a community of diminutive “underpants gnomes” who steal underwear from children’s bedrooms in the dead of night. Comically unaware of its gigantic flaw, the gnomes proudly present their three-part business plan.
Step 1: collect underpantsStep 2: ?Step 3: profit
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Later this year, entrepreneur Gloria Freeman will fulfill a dream when she opens Olu’s Center, a multi-generational daycare center in north Minneapolis. Getting the loans needed to finance it required two years worth of networking, negotiations, and paperwork — and plenty of moving parts. 
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Playful personality: Jeff Freeland Nelson, founder and CEO of Yoxo

They say the shortest route between two points is a straight line. For small, early-stage companies, the shortest route to developing a profitable, sustainable business is often by recruiting investors through a private placement. It’s usually a less expensive and easier route than going public.
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Kidizen, an online marketplace where parents can buy and sell used children’s clothes, is growing. Read More