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To win in global markets, Minnesota manufacturers should focus closely on Jugaad (frugal) innovation. Read More
Respected Leaders of the General Assembly,
I come imploring you to wake up. Wake up to how you can help your own nations and your neighbors in a world that has lost its way. A world that thinks focusing inward will help beat our competition and protect our intellectual property. This world often raises a fist or harsh word before extending the hand or olive branch.
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When you’re in labor, you learn how to surrender to your body. Your bones and muscles, designed by the millions of years and billions of women before you, taught your body how to stretch, pull and bend open. In that moment, you travel back in time and experience the history of womanhood.
Concept of production instantly redefined
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In November at the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) gala (in which Minnesota Business magazine was a media partner) the Minneapolis nonprofit awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to Jan Jordet. She retired at the end of the year from her position as Senior Director of Consulting Solutions. Read More
As a provider of marketing services to millions of small businesses, Deluxe decided to celebrate our centennial in 2015 by launching the Small Business Revolution to spotlight the importance of small businesses, and to extract lessons that could benefit small business owners in Minnesota and beyond. Read More
I started my own company when I was 31. By all accounts, I was a highly energetic, successful and driven individual.
I had a five-year plan. I had monthly goals. I had contingency plans. You know what I didn’t plan for? I didn’t plan for my active and healthy 35-year-old body to be rushed to the hospital with stroke-like symptoms. Weird, I know.
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Although I’m set to retire at the end of 2016 after a career filled with joys, adversity, challenges and triumphs, I’ll never forget my first job straight out of college.
At 20 years old, I was hired as executive director of a small nonprofit in the beautiful northern Minnesota town of Northome, a community deep in Minnesota’s northern forest.
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This is a guest post from Amalia Moreno-Damgaard.
So many of us venture into entrepreneurship without realizing what we are getting ourselves into. If it was easy, many more people would do it. The highs and lows are similar to the sales experience and it's lonely at top of your own business. Discipline is self-imposed.
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There has been a lot of talk in this election cycle about restricting trade. There has also been a lot of talk about income inequality and the demise of the American middle class. I believe there is a strong causal relationship between these trends. Read More