Starkey Hearing Technologies reveals new hearing aid
On a humid and cloudy Monday morning, employees were gathered in the parking lot at Starkey Hearing Technologies headquarters. From atop a temporary stage, Dr. Achin Bhowmik, the company's chief technology officer, was detailing the in and outs of the business' newest technology. Read More
On March 7th, hundreds of members of Minnesota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem will gather at the The Minnesota Entrepreneur Kickoff.  A focal point of conversation is emergent technologies. Read More
Microsoft is taking advantage of the Super Bowl to bring together big brands, local brands and connect them to sports and the local business community at the Microsoft Technology Center in Edina. Read More

Before the big kickoff, come celebrate the innovation of the Bold North at the Startup Capital of the North Showcase by MN Cup and Greater MSP. Read More
Michael Resnick is professor emeritus at the Department of Pediatrics at the U of M. He was also the Director of the Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center and Leadership Education in Adolescent Health Fellowship Program.
MNBIZ: What’s changed in adolescent health studies?
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The Singularity itself — the moment when human and machine intelligence become inseparable — heralds “the dawning of a new civilization that will enable us to transcend our biological limitations and amplify our creativity.” Read More
A new approach for boosting innovation in business is gaining its U.S. foothold in Minnesota.
This week, ThinkergyUS is training its first nine American consultants in Minnetonka. The independent innovation trainers will roll out the Thinkergy method to businesses that seek to use creativity for a competitive advantage.
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Though his career has taken a few curve balls, Peter Himmelman has always been creative. The Minnesota-born songwriter, musician and singer started out by becoming a rock star, first with the group Sussman Lawrence and then with a band under his own name. From there he became a composer for film and television. Read More

Dennis Stauffer

What's the quality that’s always at or near the top of the list when businesses and investors are asked what they seek in employees or startups? The ability to be innovative.
Now a Plymouth researcher has created an index to identify and evaluate that prized personal commodity, with a measurement test that can be administered in a matter of 20 minutes.
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