A key component in the success of any business is the contractual relationship it maintains with customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, employees and independent contractors. From “handshake” agreements to carefully negotiated written contracts, these agreements establish the legal framework for the parties’ relationship. Read More
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This is a guest post from Earl H. Cohen, Attorney, Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC Read More

Chris Cuneo leads the firm’s Owner-Managed Businesses practice which is focused on helping owners of lower middle market businesses build the type of transferable value that leads to successful sales or transfers. Read More
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Doug Ramler, Gray Plant Mooty

Starting a new company is hard work, and even the best-laid business plans go awry with alarming frequency. We’re in no mood to recount any of the depressing statistics that suggest most businesses fail during the first few years of life. Read More
Raz Bajwa is the founder, owner and president of IndusTrack, a Plymouth-based firm that sells tracking software for delivery and service truck fleets. His company, founded just a few years ago, is prospering. Read More

Left: Elliot Ginsburg, Hop Law. Right: Jim Watkins,Co-founder, Sociable Cider Werks.

Breweries are all the rage in Minnesota these days. From taprooms to growlers to booze-funded block parties, the Twin Cities drinking scene is experiencing a renaissance. Read More