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A scene in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Our neighbor to the southwest, South Dakota, has a smaller population and an economy about one-sixth the size of Minnesota’s. But the two states have more in common than they have differences. Read More
Pamela Eyden has lived in Winona, Minnesota, for more than 25 years. The area is a big part of her life, and as a current member of Winona’s City Council, she’s heavily involved in its life, too.
“It’s a town that’s accustomed to and promotes entrepreneurial and startup businesses,” she says.
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From left, Emerging Prairie co-founders Greg Tehven and Miguel Danielson with Annika Nynas, director of experimental design, atop their office

As a historic gas-and-oil exploration boom plays out in western North Dakota, there’s another kind of energy boom happening a few hundred miles to the east, along the Red River that separates the twin cities of Fargo, N.D., and Moorhead, Minn. Read More

When Duluth mayor Don Ness rode a fat-tire Surly bike to his office in mid-May as part of Bike to Work Day, one wouldn't necessarily think economic development. Cycling, however, plays a key role in his vision for the city. "Duluth is as good as I've seen it in my lifetime," Ness says. Read More
Just in case those in charge of marketing the Rochester area should find themselves in need of a new tagline, here's one suggestion: "Rochester: great health care and so much more." Read More