A drum set made by Risen Drums

Growing up, Risen Drums founder Keith Anderson was used to hearing this family mantra: “Passion runs the world.” Read More
Few business stories start with tragedy, but such is the case of Mike “Monster” Schultz, founder of Biodapt, a prosthetics company based in St. Cloud.
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Hans Early-Nelson deals in what he calls “untold value.” A welder, blacksmith, and the founder of Primitive Precision, he transforms found objects into everything from meat cleavers to drapery rods to custom wedding bands.
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Sign painter Dan Madsen likes to take it slow. 
“In the world we live in now, everyone wants something really fast,” he says. “They don’t care what their sign looks like because they just want to open up.”
Madsen prefers the old-fashioned form of hand-painted signs. “A hand-painted sign has a timeless look,” he says.
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Krista Stout, owner of KVS Letterpress

"I have no background in design or printing,” admits Krista Stout, owner of KVS Letterpress. “I had never even heard of letterpress printing until seven, eight years ago.”
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