Millennial-lead SIMEK’S is marketing to a new generation of foodies
Founded in the early '70s, SIMEK’S has had a number of incarnations over the years. Partners Bill Simek and Jay Bruber created the SIMEK’S brand; it began as a wholesale restaurant distributor and quickly transitioned to a specialty retail chain. Read More
Gen Z: In the game
A few years back, millennial panic was all the rage. Today, it’s Generation Z — also known as Gen Edge — that’s ruffling oldsters’ feathers. Read More
Emojis. Craft beer. Selfies.
That’s a very small (and admittedly, somewhat condescending) list of things that the millennial generation values.
Now add to the list…credit unions?
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Everyone has an opinion about the Allina nurses’ strike. For now, the focus is on bringing the situation to an amicable resolution. But the underlying conditions that brought the simmering disagreement to a boil won’t go away — and, in the coming years, they’re actually likely to worsen. Some perspective is in order. Read More

Larry Phelps, Managed Cloud Specialist at Marco

Generation Y, known more commonly as the Millennial generation, are those who are born between 1982 and 2000. Today there are nearly 80 million Millennials in this country and chances are you have or will have several working in your organization. This group is the only generation who enters the workforce without knowing what life was like without the Internet. Read More
In our August issue, John Palen used his monthly column to address four myths about millennials in the workplace. Read More
Young entrepreneurship is on the rise, and data experts at NerdWallet recognize it. According to a recent report published by NerdWallet, Minneapolis is the fourth best place for millennials to start a business. Read More
Change is afoot in the modern American workplace. As baby boomers retire, millennials will replace them, and leaders will have to adopt a different management style.
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During the inaugural Executive Breakfast Forum, attendees used VoiceHive technology to ask our expert panel questions about attracting and retaining millennials. Read More