MacKenzie Weldon, VP, Commercial Sales at Cambria
True Talent Group hosted their annual Marketing + Creative Leaders Summit with keynote speaker MacKenzie Weldon, VP, Commercial Sales at Cambria and a series of panels covering digital marketing to hiring and retaining top talent. A key theme that arose from the event centered around the human connection. Read More

Camp COCO campers on a Voyageur Trek

Imagine your fondest memories of youthful experiences at camp, updated with adult pleasures — and by that we mean booze at the bonfire, dining hall conversations with inspiring (and cool) speakers and a chance for late night stargazing without the buzzkill of a counselor nagging about bedtime. Read More

Minnesota women play an ever more prominent role in business, but making critical connections across sectors can sometimes be difficult. 
In June, the Twin Cities is officially launching a local chapter of Ellevate to expand those intersections.
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In corporate America, the annual company holiday party  —  whether an office potluck, a dressy night in a hotel ballroom or a outing with the team  —  can feel more like an obligation than a treat.
But maybe it’s something you miss when you don’t have it.
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In survey after survey, the Twin Cities ranks high as a strong and vital place for women to build and sustain careers. Earlier this year, the financial website WalletHub put Minnesota at the top of its list of best states for women’s economic and social well-being. Read More
In today’s business world, there’s no absence of focus on improving social media knowledge and online skills. Yet there’s far less emphasis on how to increase a much more fundamental but still critical area: social networking opportunities and skills.  Read More
Lead catalyst Nick Powley schedules CoCreateX events at various spots in the Twin Cities, and in August he chose the University of Minnesota’s Medical Devices Center. Minnesota Business stopped by and picked the brains of several attendees. Read More

Amanda Downs, left, and Kim Skanson, right

Women Leading in Technology (WLiT) is a program of the Minnesota High Tech Association. WLiT’s activities include quarterly networking events, such as its May 12 gathering at the Metropolitan Ballroom, which featured a panel discussion on the art of networking. Read More