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Anyone visiting Duluth since 2012 may have noticed some gradual changes. A series of neighborhood revitalization plans, combined with a nature-loving mayor and increased interest in real estate investment, is beginning to change the look and feel of this historic city.  Read More
One of Jean Kane’s secrets to success in the commercial real estate industry is that she doesn’t stay put in her office. Rather than sit behind a desk and respond to emails all day, the CEO of Minnetonka-based Welsh and Colliers is on her feet talking with customers and her teams. Read More
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs can either be oppressive or energizing. It depends on what approach current leaders use to develop the next generation, which sometimes includes allowing them to create something new for their futures. Read More

We are in a commercial real estate boom in the Twin Cities, but is the growth developing evenly? Minnesota Business talked with Todd Hanson, senior director of real estate brokerage firm Cushman and Wakefield/NorthMarq. He has 25 years of experience in keeping an eye on development in the Twin Cities. Read More

Photo courtesy of Mayo Clinic Square.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Mayo Clinic Square had its first major public viewing with Hennepin Theatre Trust’s launch event for Intersections: Made Here, a downtown Minneapolis art gallery. Read More
The Green Line light rail service connecting the downtowns of St. Paul and Minneapolis opened last summer. With ridership numbers surpassing expectations, Minnesota Business asked experts about the line’s impact on real estate and development. Read More
CoCo Minneapolis

CoCo Minneapolis

As we’ve highlighted in these pages before, some nimble ventures get their start in a co-working space offered by CoCo, which has three locations in the Twin Cities and one in Fargo. Read More
Many fast-growing companies need more room to grow into. But few are as hungry for space as Blu Dot, which designs and manufactures modern furniture for homes and offices around the world. Founded in 1997, the company will move from its current warehouse in Rogers, Minnesota, to a newer, bigger site in nearby Ostego this spring. Read More

The closer: Cindy Koebele

Most people’s reference point for title companies is summed up as “that time I nervously signed a stack of papers at a conference table while buying a house.” But the job of a “closer” is far more complex than collating paperwork.
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