For every gadget you see on the shelves at your local Best Buy, or in Amazon’s digital warehouse, there’s another that never sees the light of day. (Actually, there are countless others.) Read More

Photo courtesy of the Smile Network International.

Alpaca mittens woven by a collective of indigenous women in Peru. Shawls edged with dramatic ostrich feathers created by Zulu tribeswomen in South Africa. Handsome weekender bags constructed of leather and cowhide by a family in Ecuador. Read More

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Minnesota’s most generous clothier is opening its very own retail flagship in the heart of Minneapolis’s trendy Uptown district. Read More

The latest tech executive to be interviewed while being driven around in Jeff Martin’s Prius is Bala Subramanian, the chief technology officer for Best Buy. Read More
Target and Kansas City-based Techstars are teaming up to bring 10 promising startups to the Twin Cities this summer for a 3-month deep dive into high-tech retail. Read More
About a year ago, Amazon’s market capitalization surpassed Walmart’s for the first time, according to Fortune. Since then, the question dominating brick and mortar retailers’ boardrooms has been, “How can we be more like Amazon?” Read More
Remember how hard it was to wait for the holidays as a kid? We’re not kids anymore, but it seems like no one wants to wait for anything. With new, one-day delivery models through eBay, Google and Amazon in major hub cities, their competitors — and vendors — need to respond to new customer expectations for speed. Read More
No industry survived the rise of the Internet unscathed, but few have been more dramatically — and fundamentally — affected than retail. Read More
Carter Averbeck has been interested in refurbishing old furniture ever since he can remember. “My mother hit the brakes for every garage sale and we were always going to auctions,” says Averbeck. “We wanted to have a home that looked like architectural digest, we just didn’t have the money for it, and this is how we did it.” Read More