With state unemployment levels at their lowest in years, finding a quality candidate harder than ever. Here's how employment experts are doubling down their efforts to find promising prospects. Read More

Tawanna Black, executive director of Northside Funders Group

Though white Europeans remain Minnesota’s largest demographic group, the state is more multicultural than at any point in the past. Estimates differ on when the state will become “majority minority,” but that milestone is likely to come before mid-century. In some counties, including Ramsey and Nobles, the under-20 demographic is already majority-minority. Read More
Earlier this week, B2B ecommerce provider Four51 announced it has seen a 50% increase in staff during the last year. Read More

Bernard Prince at the Kinnix warehouse in Bloomington.

In the midst of a labor shortage, some companies are finding success hiring the so-called unemployables, such as those with a criminal record. The matchmaker is Minnesota’s only alternative staffing agency, EmergeWORKS, a Minneapolis nonprofit. Read More

Keyot co-founder Laura Kelly

Several years after co-founding Keyot, a boutique management consulting firm based in Oakdale, Minn., Laura Kelly received a challenge from a client, asking her for a solution to a generational staffing crunch. Read More
Last week, Target dealt a major blow to the Twin Cities workforce, laying off 1,700 of its corporate employees. In addition, the company will not fill 1,400 previously open jobs. While the downsize has certainly been devastating for many, there may be a silver lining to 1,700 Target former employees hitting the job market. Read More

Exosome Diagnostics intern David Fowler speaking to students about SciTechsperience at Augsburg College

Internships can be the gateway to a great job. They also free up full-time employees, increase productivity, get projects into production, and provide fresh perspectives and new ideas. All this is especially true in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) industries, where, by 2018, there will be a predicted shortfall of 188,000 skilled workers. Read More