The Talent Strategy Secret Weapon

How Minnesota Executives Gain Talent to Build their Business from an Unexpected Source – IT

By Sam Bloedow, CEO, Thriveon

Executives and business owners know that whether their goal is to grow the business, or sustain it on an even keel, the right talent can impede or enable their success. There isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to overcoming the talent challenge, but when companies include outsourcing their IT department as part of their talent strategy, they have the opportunity to eliminate the burden of recruiting, training and retaining IT staff, while gaining benefits that impact their ability to meet other business challenges.

This means that the outsourcing conversation doesn’t belong to HR, and it doesn’t belong to IT. This is a conversation for the people in the company who are concerned with strategy, and who want to measure success with value and what that value brings to the company and its customers.

When Outsourcing Makes Sense

Outsourcing IT doesn’t make sense for every company. Company size influences this decision, as do expectations about how the relationship will work. On the surface, outsourcing doesn’t always look like the most economical answer, but this often signals that IT is currently being under-resourced, or that true costs are unknown.

The decision to outsource makes sense when costs are considered in balance with the business value that they provide. In order to find this balance, you need the right provider whose approach has been proven to deliver the value that a whole outsourced IT department can provide.

Outsourced IT Department – What It Is and What It Is Not

An outsourced IT department is not the same as a managed services model that gives you a set number of hours or a list of deliverables each month. This arrangement can give you some of the IT ingredients that you need, but what is missing is a master recipe that combines the right components in the right way, so that you can enable the business to move forward and grow.

An outsourced IT department should satisfy all of the roles that are needed to fulfill IT function across the business, addressing requirements for stable infrastructure, support, security, applications, user experience, and business alignment. They should view your goals as their goals, and collaborate with management to use technology strategically, and work proactively to implement best practices. The best outsourced IT department is going to feel like they are your own people. The relationship should be that close and that trusting.

Benefits of an Outsourced IT Department

Because IT touches all parts of your business, there are huge potential benefits to an outsourced IT department in addition to eliminating the need to point resources at recruiting, training and retaining talented technical professionals.

1. Improve the Way Your People Use Technology
Technology is the tool that your staff uses to get work done. When IT strategy identifies the right tools, and supports them with proactive best practices, employees can work in more efficient ways. Business processes can be improved and the data that is needed to make wise business decisions is more accurate.

2. Keep Your Focus on Your Business
When you outsource your IT department, the energy that you would have spent on resourcing IT internally can go back into the activities that your company does to generate revenue. Because the business function of IT is improved, your employees’ attentions are directed towards caring for customer needs, not dealing with IT issues or building an IT department process along with everything involved with managing its people.

3. Improve the Revenue per Employee Ratio
A highly functioning outsourced IT department will maximize uptime, help manage the risk of cybercrime, enable you to have a predictable budget, and improve how efficiently people work in IT systems, which shows up as increased revenue per employee.

4. Improve the Way You Manage Risk
Because the impact of cybercrime is so devastating, managing cybersecurity is a priority. An outsourced IT department is going to bring you a higher level of defense because of their investment in tools and expertise, along with best practices that are proven to prevent security nightmares.

5. IT Puts Your Business Strategy into Action
When your provider is proactive, and working with you to create IT strategy, IT becomes a way that you put your business strategy into action. Regular meetings with an IT strategist can facilitate collaboration between departments resulting in identification of improvements that will make a real difference in business outcomes.

Getting Business Value from IT

When you improve the IT experience at your company with an outsourced IT department, you have the opportunity to use technology as a way to build business value. Then you can meet your business challenges and pursue the vision for where you want to go, with a path to success that is enabled by information and technology.

Change Your IT Conversation

There are many options that you have for IT service providers. Not all of them can give you the services that will deliver the benefits described here. You aren’t going to find this provider by having a conversation about specific services and products. You need to start talking about the results that the IT company is going to provide, the experience you’re going to get, and that will help you uncover the business value that you should expect to gain from the relationship.

Start Leveraging Technology

Thriveon helps companies grow business value with information and technology through a proven path to business success and a hassle-free IT experience. Our proprietary Information and Technology Strategy (ITS)TM model gives our clients an entire IT department along with ongoing IT consulting for a fixed monthly fee. Our approach allows us to create and implement IT strategy and services according to each client’s unique business needs for best return on IT investment today and in the future for Minnesota companies with 20 – 500 computers.

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