Top 10 Minnesota Business articles and blog posts of April 2016

By Emily Gasperlin
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Here’s a look at the Minnesota Business blog posts and articles you read the most in April:

10. Innovating Relationships
Salesforce partner Demand Chain Systems expands focus to corporate culture

9. Hiring and training in a multicultural Minnesota
Workplace diversity is a competitive advantage

8. 70-year-old Minneapolis restaurant takes to the streets
With help from a local law firm, Market Bar-B-Que navigated the red tape and will debut their new food truck on Friday April 15

7. Announcing the 2016 100 Best Companies to Work For
The selected companies excel in employee well-being, and will be honored at an awards ceremony in June

6. Cities & developers are betting big on innovation districts
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington are envisioning the future

5. 5 Entrepreneurial Journeys
Bruce Corrie on five entrepreneurs from various backgrounds that help illustrate the many entry points on the journey to a successful business.

4. The Young Entrepreneurs
Minnesota's young entrepreneurs, age 35 and younger, in their own words

3. Innovation Insight
What early adapters see beyond the horizon

2. Da Nang: A high-tech magnet
As investment grows in Vietnam, Da Nang differentiates with a focus on high-tech

1. The (Real) Power 50
The 2016 list of Minnesota’s top leaders, networkers and those who get things done.