Top 10 Minnesota Business articles and blog posts of May 2016

By Emily Gasperlin
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Here’s a look at the Minnesota Business blog posts and articles you read the most in May:

10. Interview with Eric Gibson, president of Ultra Machining Company
The Monticello manufacturer focuses on precision and innovation

9. Mastering the spoken word
On the stage or person-to-person, persuasive speaking is key for effective leadership

8. An advanced weapon in the ‘cyberscurity arms race’
Tech types see preview of new authentication system

7. April 2016 New Hires & Promotions
A number of companies welcomed new employees and celebrated promotions in April

6. The Legacy of Knowledge
Manufacturers are pairing up Boomers and Millennials as mentors and protégés

5. Women in Banking
Notable women who have become leaders in Minnesota’s banking industry

4. The Young Entrepreneurs
Minnesota's young entrepreneurs, age 35 and younger, in their own words

3. Capitalizing on Timeless Wisdom
Mentors are a secret weapon for business success

2. The Legacy Continues
Minnesota legacy families maintain their dedication to local philanthropy

1. The (Real) Power 50