Twin Cities Indie Business Awards

MetroIBA recognizes local, independent business for their community impact

By Cloe Gray
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nominations are being accepted through February 22 for the first ever Twin Cities Indie Business Awards, honoring five local, independent businesses for their impact in the community. The awards gala will take place on May 18 at the Blaisdell. 

“There are so many great local, independent businesses in the Twin Cities,” says Metro Independent Business Alliance executive director Mary Hamel. “There are other good awards that our members are able to participate in to gain recognition out there, but this is really the only one that we know of that focuses on exclusively locally-owned, independent businesses in the 7-county metro area.”

Hamel emphasizes that the awards are open to all locally-owned, independent business in the area, not just for MetroIBA member businesses.

The panel of judges will be a blend of MetroIBA members and other business professionals in the community.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Primary place of business in seven-county Twin Cities Metro area
  • Locally-owned, at least 51% by individuals residing in a 75-mile radius of the Minnesota State Capitol Building
  • Free to make their own business decisions without the need for approval by owners or affiliates outside the area
  • Not a publicly traded company

Awards will be offered for 4 business categories and 1 individual category:

Founders: A business with consistent and long-term impact on the local community
Impact: A business committed to positively influencing the community through local sourcing and sustainable business practices
Nonprofit: A nonprofit that exemplifies giving back to the local community and upholding the values of our mission
Emerging: A business in its beginning stages and is stepping into the forefront of the independent business community
Citizen: A citizen who advocates for local business in ways that inspire others

Hamel looks forward to having the event locally catered by Common Roots Catering and having award winners receive unique, handcrafted plaques created by Wood from the Hood, a local business that transforms discarded trees into high-quality wood products.