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The future of organ modeling and bioprinting
It’s not science fiction; life-saving organs may be transplanted from printers not donors, potentially reducing both the risk of rejection and long donor waiting lists. We’re not quite there yet, but those who take the opposing bet do so at their own peril. They’re betting against some of Minnesota’s brightest researchers. Read More
Carlson Family Foundation gives $15 million to University of Minnesota
The Carlson Family Foundation has announced $15 million in gifts to the University of Minnesota, including $10 million to expand the global scope of its business school, the Carlson School of Management. Read More
It’s never too late to change course.
That’s the thinking behind the University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative (UMAC), a new program for restless Boomer professionals who aren’t quite ready to hang up their hats for good.
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A fertile relationship is growing between anthropology and business. Marketers are finding that anthropologists gather very useful knowledge by studying consumers in their natural habitat using the ethnographic techniques of observation and interviewing. Read More